WWW and non WWW | Which One Is Better For SEO

A recurring question among users is what is the difference between non-www and www URLs. People often want to know which one is better for SEO. This blog provides some advice on what’s best.

www and non www

Before we start, let us know “What is a domain name?”

A Domain name is the address where users can access your website.

Here some of the examples of “non www Domain Names

In the above examples, when you access the website using the domain name, the web browser communicates with the Domain Name System (DNS) server to understand the IP address that the websites use.

In an HTTP URL, the first substring that follows the initial http:// or https:// is called domain name.

Here some of the examples of URL with domain name are:

  • http://www.adhishta.com
  • http://www.jsfindia.com

How Domain Names Are Spelled?

Domain names are organized from right to left.”

  1. The top-level domain is to the far right of a domain name. Example: .com , .org
  2. Mid-level domains are in the middle. Example: Adhishta, JSFIndia etc.

So, how to choose the best domain?

You can choose anything but is important to choose a domain has canonical name. The canonical name is a resource in DNS used to specify that a domain name is an alias for other domain.  HTTP allows two techniques to ensure which domain is the canonical one.

There are different ways to choose which website is canonical.

  1. Using HTTP 301 redirects
  2. Using <link rel =”canonical”> to get more information on canonical, please read our previous article What is canonical issue? How to fix it?

 WWW and non WWW – which one is better for SEO?

            Absolutely, there are no SEO benefits of choosing one over another, but it all depends on your “Preferences”

To prefer domain:

  • On Homepage in Google Search Console, click the site you want.


  • Click the Gear icon  gear icon, and then click Site Settings. In the Preferred domain section, choose the option you want.

If you are doing SEO by using Yoast plugin, it will automatically set canonical URL. Like as shown in below.

Difference between www and non www:

If you add “www.” in front of a site, it acts as a hostname which can help with flexibility with DNS, and has ability to restrict cookies when using multiple domains.

Whereas non-WWW domains do not have a technical advantage.

We hope this article provides clear information about WWW and non-WWW for your site URL.

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