What Should You Focus More? On-Page SEO or Off-Page Optimization?

Search engine optimization refers to the implementation of several strategies to make search engines find your website.

What Should You Focus More? On-Page SEO or Off-Page Optimization?

Why is SEO important?

When you make your website visible to search engines, it is equally making your website visible to your target audiences. Visibility to your target audience depends on how the search engine ranks your website. So one needs to employ appropriate SEO strategies to convince search engines to rank you first on search result pages.  

Every SEO strategy should focus on getting ranked as high as possible by the search engines. This is because the topmost search results have higher visibility. SEO can be done in two ways – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

You will know this by the end of the story.

Understanding On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO can be defined as actions that are taken directly within the website to improve its position in the search rankings. Let it be content optimization, media optimization, website designing anything and everything you do on your website to improve your ranking is considered to be as On-Page SEO. Now, to know how vital is On-Page SEO, you need to know it’s techniques first. Let’s dive into top On-Page SEO techniques.

#1 Internal Links

Internal links are links that allow navigation of a user to another page within your website. Basically, by creating internal links, you are linking one page to another on the same domain. The primary goal of internal links is to improve SEO. How? Internal links boost user engagement and help the user to expand their knowledge on what they are looking for. Therefore, the results improve the usability of the site,  user experience, conversion rates and reduce bounce rates. Also, through internal link building, you can trick search engines to expand their web crawling dimension to several pages of your site. This is how internal links improve SEO ranks of your website.

#2 URL Structure

Have you ever heard about SEO-friendly URL structure? If you haven’t, don’ worry! Now, you are going to learn everything you need to do. Firstly, know that URL structure is a significant ranking factor. URL building blocks like – URL length, URL path, and keywords used in URL are the deciding factors for your SEO performance.

Importance Of URL Structure:

  1. Search engines detect from URLs when determining the webpage’s content. So, when a search engine finds a URL easier to read the better it ranks the URL. Making things more comfortable to search engines and users ultimately lead to better results.
  2. URLs injected with keywords – When the URL is shared or mentioned on the web or social media, the URL shows up in the search results for the same keyword searches.

#3 Content

When search engines crawl your website, your web content is to be very clear to search engines. Explaining what product or service you’re offering, or the exact topic of your blog is one way to optimize your content. Not only this – your content can be marked as excellent in search engine dictionaries if it is original and involves the use of the right keywords. All the above when works perfectly then your content is well optimized and scores high ranks on SERPs.

#4 UX and UI:

UI and UX are great measures to keep a check on knowing – “Are your visitors spending ample time on the website?” If the visitors are not staying long on the website or not taking desirable actions on your site, then this scenario is clear evidence for poor end-user optimization. Therefore, your SEO performance deteriorates eventually.

Site structure is not only crucial for improving User Experience but also it serves as your site’s roadmap for the search engines. Clean site navigation and structure can also lead to structured site-links appearing in search results. Site speed is another critical factor which affects UX. Nobody likes to wait, so the slower the site-speed, the poorer is your UX. Easy navigation, optimized site structure and site speed altogether complement your On-Page Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Understanding Off-Page SEO

Off Page takes place outside your web pages. Off-Page SEO is a much more challenging job to do when compared to that of On-Page SEO. This is because one can’t have control over other sites, the content they publish in their sites, and the links they choose to include with our website.

Confused? Don’t bother much. You will understand once you read the following Off-Page SEO Techniques.

#1 Backlinks

Link-building is the art of either getting other websites to link to your website or linking your website to other high-quality related websites. This allows increasing your website popularity with search engines each time they crawl the partner websites.

Pro Tip: Build links through profiling,  guest posting, and email outreach.

#2 Social Sharing

Being alive and active on social media promotes your website due to your interactions with audiences. Once your audiences recognize you, there are high chances that they start social sharing you. Thereby, improving your SEO rankings.

#3 Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a great source for building a diverse and robust link profile. Also, this technique is a great chance to generate better natural backlinks for your website, further improving your site ranking.


Here we are –  the end of the discussion. By now you might have understood that omitting anyone of the SEO steps, that are mentioned above, can be a severe threat to your business. Whether it’s Off-Page or On-Page optimization, every strategy has its importance.


Neither on-page nor off-page SEO can be fruitful when acted alone. They are effective only when they work hand-in-hand. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization increases your visibility and promotes your website. On the other hand, On-Page SEO helps you convince search engines about the quality and usefulness of your website. You see, the process is clearly cyclic.

Nowadays search engines are getting smarter and smarter with high-level algorithms. So you need to use both the hands to clap louder and make yourself visible on SERPs.

Good luck with that!

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