What is Keyword Intent or Search Intent?

Why do people search for something? Are they searching because they have a question and want an answer to that question? Are they searching for a specific website? Or are they searching because they want to buy something?

Keyword Research

In this post, we’ll look at What is intent-based Keyword-Research?, What ways to use intent to guide your Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization keyword strategies.

What is keyword intent or search intent?

Intent based Keywords are relevant to the search query, they remain relevant even when search engines change their algorithms. Search intents are navigational, informational, commercial, or transnational.

  • Informational: Queries where people search to gain knowledge. Usually they often use words like ‘how to’, ‘why’ and other question words.
  • Navigational: Queries where people search for a specific website (e.g., amazon.com or “Walmart”).
  • Transactional: Queries where people search to take a specific action using the web (e.g., purchase a product) e.g., ‘booking online”, or specific product names or models (eg., iPhone SE 32GB”).

With the goal of making this the most comprehensive resource on the topic of keyword intent, we’ve included information below.

SEM Keyword Research:

Keyword plays an important role in SEM and SEO. Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is the process of getting traffic from search engines either organically or paid. SEM has two main pillars Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Advertising.

Before you choose which keywords to use in SEO, you need to conduct a comprehensive keyword research. So to get right keywords, you need to identify keywords that are relevant to your business. Also see the related keyword suggestions that can form the basis of various search engine marketing.

For example, if you sell mobile phones, include Brand and product names as keywords, as users search for branded products. This type of keywords are considered to have high intent, that the searcher wants to buy something.


SEO keyword Research:

Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO. SEO keywords are the keyword phrases in the web content that make people to find information in search engines. So, it is important that you need to know how people are searching for information. SEO keywords will help your site rank above your competitors.

Paid Search Advertising:

Paid Search Advertising is a type of marketing where you pay for your website to appear in the paid advertising sections of relevant search pages. Paid Search advertising is also known as Pay-per-click(PPC) advertising. PPC advertising is a great way to drive traffic. Unlike SEO, PPC marketing allows you to target your audience because, PPC keeps the right traffic to produce outstanding results.

Google algorithms can easily identify the intent behind a search and deliver the results you’re looking for. Instead of picking keywords, you can use Google’s algorithms to get the general intent behind a given keyword.


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