What is integrated marketing and how it helps new businesses?

If you’re trying to understand why integrated marketing is essential to your newly off springing business, then you are at the right place.

What is integrated marketing and how it helps new businesses


In this article, you get to know why and how integrated marketing is important. Integrated marketing is a way of spreading your business communication across all marketing channels. Do you want your startup to grow and have its voice heard at a very initial stage? Does your startup have a message that needs to be communicated to your customers effectively? Then integrated marketing is your ticket to start with.

Understanding Integrated Marketing

The world is increasingly getting connected by technology. This is why companies require to develop marketing campaigns in multiple media channels. Providing multi-dimensional brand experience to your consumer marks the success of your business. Integrated marketing is a way of telling your brand story in different ways across all platforms – from digital to social media, and from PR to direct mails. What is the actual reason for doing this?

To know this, let’s go back to the fundamental question: How Integrating Marketing Is Helping New Businesses?

1. To Reach All Your Potential Audiences

Your target audience consistently can appear on both online and offline marketing channels. How to reach out to all of them without missing out anyone? Integrated marketing makes it possible. Keeping a heterogeneous mix of online and offline marketing strategies will allow you to reach an equally diverse set of demographics. Whether your customers are tech-savvy who are always present online or traditional who prefer older forms of media, you have them spot on to make them see you.

2. To Create Competitive Advantage

There is a lot of competition out there in the market. In such a crowd if you have to be visible to your target audience, you need to provoke a competitive advantage for your company.

When it’s time to make a purchase, your customer should find you more interesting than other brands. Most buying decisions are emotional. To land such an emotional bond with your customers, integrated marketing works pretty well. Being specific of your brand voice and content on multiple media allows you to be memorable and be the best in your niche. Also, integrated marketing does not dilute your message and brings anxiety in customers. This improves the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

3. To Deliver A Clear Message

One clear messaging and keeping it consistent is less confusing to customers. If your marketing message is disjointed and confuses your target audience then familiarizing with your audience can be difficult. Delivering consistent and non-contradictory content on all forms of advertising cuts down the time it takes for potential customers to recognize your brand.

4. To Solidify Brand Reputation

Want to build a successful brand? Then, integrated marketing gives your brand the correct placement in the market. Unified marketing strategy can offer a seamless experience for consumers and take your brand to the next level. Integrated marketing boosts up your customer’s interactions with you during their journey to build rapport with your brand. Integrated marketing solidifies your brand reputation, and in the long run, it improves consumer trust and boosts ROI.

5. To Improve SEO

Working on different communication options and sequencing them strategically creates a favorable impression of your brand. Creating a viral marketing strategy with a new slogan or hashtag over multiple media drives traffic to your website landing pages. This kind of marketing also attracts followers on social media and enhances your publicity. This is how your integrated offline marketing, and online marketing, shows a positive impact on your SEO.

6. To Save Costs

Integrated marketing involves the use of almost similar images, content and copies on different media. This eliminates or reduces copy-writing, designing and photography costs. By doing integrated marketing, transactional costs are well minimized. Integrated marketing saves you a bundle because you don’t end up over investing in medium and other resources unnecessarily.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what some of the most significant benefits of integrated marketing, don’t hurry to jump into it. Integrated marketing is not just mirroring and imitating the same advertisement repeatedly over different media platforms. One needs to work on the campaign, understand the campaign goals and execute it mindfully so that you don’t bore your audience.

Does your business follow an integrated marketing process? Or, are you thinking to start one?  Let us know!

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