What Are Rich Snippet & How To Get Rich Snippets

In this blog, we will discuss What are Rich Snippets and how to get rich snippets to display in Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). Here we go.

What are Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet is the content appeared on the top of a SERP that contains summary of the user’s answer.

Rich Snippets

It can display in many formats based on the type of information to be featured. A normal rich snippet consists of:

  • Page title
  • URL
  • Meta description
  • Upload date and time if the search result is a video, music, article or a blog.
  • Reviews and ratings

Check out the below example: when a user search for iPhone 7 Plus, then it displays the following results.

examples of Rich snippet

Some of the examples of Rich snippet which has upload date:

Example of a Blog:

Blog example of Rich snippet

A Video Example:

Video Example of Rich SnippetHow Rich snippets are beneficial?

There are many benefits of having a rich snippet to your site or application.

  • Grab the attention of users
  • Increases Click-through rate
  • Provides instant information related to the user’s search.

How to get Rich Snippets?

  1. Select Markup specifications:

Usually, HTML tags tell the browser how to display the information included in the tag. For example, <h1>The Avengers</h1> tells the browser to display the text string “The Avengers” in a heading 1 format. However, the HTML tag doesn’t give any information about what that text “The Avengers” means. So, this is more difficult for search engines to display relevant content to a user.

So, how to add relevant information? And how to get rich snippet?

Obtaining a rich snippet is simple. All you have to do is what type of markup specifications to be added to your website, and which piece of code that is written. Search engines will read the code that has been inputted into your site, in a specific format, and then this will ultimately generate rich snippets.

By using Schema.org which is a collection of shared vocabularies to mark up web pages that can be understood easily by the search engines.

There are three main markup specifications that are generally recognised by major search engines, and these include:

  • Microdata
  • Microformats
  • RDFa(Resource Description Framework in Attributes)

By using above formats we can add information to your web content.

  1. Determine Content Type:

There are different types of Content types like People, Video, Music, Products, Recipes, Review, local business organizations etc. Here I’ve mentioned some examples of content types.

  • People: This displays information such as the person’s biography, accomplishments, and profession as in the example below:

People Example of Rich Snippet


  • Products:This shows the information about product as shown in the below example.          Product Example of Rich Snippet
  • Local business organizations: Usually people search for companies or hotels online to find their contact information. So, this type of content format displays the necessary information about company which also include address and geographical location of the company. Look at the below example.Local Business Example of Rich Snippet
  1. Choose the required properties:

We have many different properties to choose from. We can mark up the content using microdata. HTML Microdata is a set of tags. When coding your structured data markup to the web pages, there are so many things need to be included like itemscope, itemtype, itemprop which can help search engines better understand your content and display in it.

Some important points to remember when adding rich snippets to your web content:

  • The main specific properties to add rich snippet is Name, description, URL and image.
  • Use date, time and duration
  • Use enumerations and links
  • Use some snippet testing tools to test your markup and identify errors.

If you’re looking to implement rich snippets for your site, then Contact Us with a member of our expert team to discuss your options, today. Our SEO team can help drive more traffic to your brand.

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