Website Design Analysis And Methods

We always talk about good website design but do you know what that is? Without a clear web design analysis, it’s hard to recognize it. Web Design Analysis

So, here’s a look at key aspects of strong website design analysis and methods.

Ideally a web analysis can obtain information about the web elements from the results of the planning, design, implementation, or development process.

  1. Requirement analysis/ Planning:

The first step is to analyse the necessary requirements for a website. If a visitor can’t find what he/she is looking for, he/she will usually leave the website. So to see how usable your site is, ask yourself the following:

  • What category is my business?
  • What is the purpose of this website, and what is the design accomplishing it?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want my audience to do, and is the design encouraging that action?
  • Does the site work in different browsers?
  • Does my site work on mobile devices?

Many such questions are analysed for the Analysis stage.

Formulate Design Strategy :

Based on the analysis, determine the factors that will best serve your website. Look at the trends in the market to ensure that you have the latest technology, components and elements.

2. Website Design And Performance Analysis:

Not only requirements of a web be analyzed, but the overall design of a web should also be evaluated for how well it works as a user interface.

Performance varies based on the browsers they use, or the type of Internet connections they have, and the amount of traffic on the network and the Web server.

Here is a possible checklist for web-performance analysis:

  • Retrieval time.
  • Readability time.
  • Aesthetics of a web.
  • Usability testing

3. Web Development :

Once done with the detailed design, we proceed to the HTML development and CMS configuration phase. Once web developments is done, we proceed to the Testing phase.

4. Pre-deployment phase:

Once all cleared, setup the website on the server where it is going to be deployed. Once website setup, it undergoes testing again to ensure the integrity and quality of data. The web site will ready for the final deployment once pre-deployment phase is done.

5. Search Engine Indexing:

Once your website is live, submit your website to various search engines to index your new website on their servers.

6. e-Marketing / SEO:

Make your website SEO friendly by using digital marketing like advertising, sharing videos in the social media.

Some Web Analysis Principles

Based on the characteristics, web is consistent with the following principles:

  • Strive for continuous, global service.
  • Avoid outside links
  • Create a balanced layout
  • Do not use tiny fonts
  • Make the content scannable

A web analyst examines a website requirement, website design, and implementation to determine its overall communication effectiveness. This process of analysis involves gathering information about the website elements to see the purpose of a website.

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