Top 10 Black Hat Seo Techniques

             Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in the online presence of your business, most people do all sort of illegal activities to gain the results in a short span of time. In this article, we will read about Black Hat SEO Techniques that you should avoid which will affect your website very badly.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Before discussing Black Hat SEO techniques, let us see what exact Black hat SEO is.

Black Hat SEO is a practice of improving the ranking of your website by violating the rules of search engines. SEO have some rules to follow to keep high ranking websites. But, there are some Black hat SEO practices try to bring organic traffic by manipulating search engines. If you want to know, what the most common black hat SEO practices that we should avoid, I am going to discuss them within this article!

Black Hat Techniques that we should avoid:

 Cloaking: It is a Black hat SEO technique where the information presented to the user is different from the information presented in search engine bots. For Example: If a user searches for “landscapes”, but result that appears about “architecture” So, create Web pages that users want to see based on the description on the search engine results page.

Hidden text and links: The Hidden text implies that color of text is same as the color of your background. For example, you are having white text on the white background. Users can’t able to find this hidden text but search engines can read this. So, it is better to make sure that your text is hidden content-free.

Keyword Stuffing: Stuffing more keywords on a webpage may help webmaster to rank higher in search engines. But it is not a good idea. Keywords are stuffed based on its density, competition and its value. For example, we can use 2-3 relevant keywords for better results.

Keyword Stuffing is bad for SEO. Why is keyword stuffing bad for SEO? Because search engines are too smart to fall for keyword stuffing; keyword stuffing is an SEO trick that doesn’t work. Avoid keyword stuffing for better SEO.

Gateway pages or Doorway pages:

Doorway pages or Gateway pages are keyword-rich and content-poor pages are designed for search engines but not for the end users. These types of pages contain many keywords, but no actual information. They majorly focus on calls-to-action that send the users through to a landing page.  It is an adapted way of redirecting.

Mirror Site/Duplicate content:

             As mirror sites are the duplicate versions of the main website, it is one of the worst black hat SEO technique. This is most commonly known as plagiarism. There are many anti-plagiarism tools on the internet to detect duplicate content. Search engines prefer unique content to provide to the users. Use proper canonicalization if you are having duplicate content.

Blog Comment spam:

             Blog Comment spam is a form of spamdexing. This is considered as a black hat technique where the post links are automatically generated as comments on blog to increase the number of inbound links.

Trackback Spam:

When a link has been created to blog post from an external website, then a notification is sent automatically which is called Trackback. This type of spamming happens when trackbacks are abused to leave unrelated links to blogs. So, in order to avoid trackback spam, enable authors to keep track of who is linking to their articles.

Link farms:

            Search Engines consider inbound links and backlinks as a ranking factor to rank the web pages. But, the links with low quality and irrelevant content creates a negative impact on your SEO. So, request links from relevant and high quality websites to improve visibility in the SERPs.

 Social Networking Spam:

Spam in Social Networks is sharing irrelevant or malicious links in comments to different posts, groups and sites. Sending private messages to all kinds of people and pages one time or several times.

             The above list covers the popular forms of black hat SEO which should be avoided. Once the search engine find your website violating rules, you will start losing your reputation, rank traffic of your website. I would recommend you to follow White hat techniques to improve your website visibility in the SERPs. It may take time for a website to become popular, but it’s a process that has a better chance of surviving in the long-term.

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