Software Development and its Life Cycle

A Unified acquaintance in the figure of os (operating system) program utilities and applications that license computer to work. The Software Development consists of prudently unified instructions and code written by programmers in any of multiple particular computer languages.

Software mainly divided into two main categories

  • System software
    Command the key functions of a computer and also comes pre-installed on the device/computer like BIOS & OS (operating system)
  • Application software
    Handle mass of generic and specialized act an appropriator wants to condemn such as accounting, Word processing, Data processing, Communicating.

Sometimes denote by SW S/W, without software your computer is useless as an example, internet browser software need to access and surf the internet.

Types of Software and Examples


Programing language.

Antivirus Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast
Audio iTunes,Winamp
Database Microsoft Access, SQL, MySQL
Device/Driver Audio driver, WLAN driver
Email Outlook
Internet browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Movie player VLC, KMPlayer
Operating system Windows, Linux, Mac
Photo/graphics programs Adobe Photoshop,
NET, UNIX, language.
Simulation Autodesk
Spreadsheet Microsoft office
Utility DirectX, Encryption tools
Word processor Open office, Microsoft office
Presentation Slidedog, Express point


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