SEO Hacks To Boost Your Website Ranking

Want to build a site with Word Press?, that is actually the easy part.  Building a responsive website with Content Management Systems like Word Press is actually the easy part.

SEO Hacks To Boost Your Website Ranking

Still, a great website is meaningless if it has no traffic. For online businesses, you need to depend on the three fundamental channels of digital marketing for driving traffic – email, social, and search.

Today, online businesses need to apply smarter SEO practices to boost the ranking of a website. Here are five ways to help you accomplish that.

  1. Research Proper Keywords:

Behind every successful SEO strategy lies upon well-targeted keywords. Improve SEO of a website with some proper keyword research. Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner to search keywords and decrease down to the low-hanging fruits.

SEO Hacks for Website Ranking

SEO Hacks For Website Ranking

The LHF option features the following factors:

  • Keyword – target keyword or phrase
  • Rank – search ranking of your page for the indicated keyword
  • Volume – the number of times the keyword has been searched on Google
  • Search volume Trends: shows how the keyword has been performing on Google Search over the last month

Then, you can start tracking these keywords and see which site page is ranking for them.

SEO Hacks for Website Ranking

All you need to do is optimize the pages that are ranking for a specific keyword so you can further increase their position on Google search by applying the best SEO techniques.

 Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper Technique is a modern content-driven technique for link building. It’s about finding popular content, creating even better copy, and therefore, getting back links to reach the right people.

The Skyscraper technique can be summarized into three key steps:

  • Look for popular content from authoritative sites
  • Refine it into better copy.
  • Promote it to the same sites that linked to the original content.

Regardless, the rewards of this SEO and content strategy is just as great, if not more. The fact that by creating better content, you can top and gain more traffic, especially with the quality backlinks you can get by reaching out.

  1. Use Plugins Wisely

The themes and plugins of WordPress made an extremely popular framework to work with. Working with WordPress have tens of thousands of themes and plugins to use. For sites run by WordPress, you need a closer look to choose plugins. Using too many plugins can also slow your site down. This is why you should focus on choosing plugins and delete all unwanted plugins from your Website.

Wordpress Plugins

Always remember “Less is More”. While plugins offers dozens of features, but they do not apply to your website because it affect the site loading time. Therefore, it is highly advisable to download a small plugin that does exactly what it says to keep bloatware plugins.

Below are the important things you need to consider when improving your website to optimize loading times without the help of plugins:

  • Make sure that your WordPress site is built on good foundations: Subscribing to the best hosting services, theme, and content delivery networks.
  • Use static HTML over PHP: Delivering static content to visitors is easier to your hosting server and loads faster on their end.
  • Simplify your website: Keep your widgets to a minimum. Simplifying your website can also help increase the conversion rate.
  1. On-Page SEO

You need to make sure that each page is optimized for specific keyword phrases and that the best on-page optimization practices are observed not only keyword density, but also content readability, URL slug length, outbound links, and more.

This is where a plugin like Yoast SEO comes in handy.

SEO Hacks for Website Ranking

The exclusive WordPress plugin is a comprehensive platform that helps you with every aspect of on-page optimization. It focuses on optimizing your site for Google web crawlers, indexation, and content quality.


Just remember that there are no shortcuts in SEO. These points will help you unlock the true potential of SEO and get you on the path to search success.

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