SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites

It doesn’t matter whether your company is a Fortune 500 firm or a startup,  you need good Search Engine Optimization to maximize the profits of your e-commerce website. But, It is very difficult to process to optimize your product pages with proper SEO, especially if the products you are selling are available on other websites.  SEO For Ecommerce Website

Here are the most common SEO errors that e-commerce websites often make and as well as some tips to avoid these mistakes.

Error 1: Blank or Duplicate Product Description:

            One of the biggest SEO error of e-commerce website is either having blank product descriptions or the same descriptions that you can find on other e-commerce sites. This is because many online stores or e-commerce websites focus on the creation of high-quality images, they don’t bother with product description. But the fact is a good product description can help to increase the product sales.

            For example: If you are selling a product that is also available on Amazon, Flipkart or some other online websites, you need to make sure that you have quality and unique content in your product description.

In order to maintain well written product description:

  • Write Quality content to attract the customers and make them to place an order.
  • Never copy the content directly from other websites
  • Too much content can create problem. Test both short and long product descriptions to find what works best for your site

   Error 2: Product Reviews:

            Product reviews plays an important role in purchase decision, because a review tells the pros and cons of a particular product or service from the people. About 88% people will look for a product review before to buy a product online. Is product review impacts the sales of the company’s products? Yes! Of course, Posting customer reviews regularly on your site can creates a positive effect on search rankings of the company.

Error 3: Duplicate Product Title:

            Product title indicates the type and the nature of the product. Imagine your product is also available in some other online store, then your product title must be unique. Because, if your product title is not unique and not optimized by Search Engine, then it will impact on your business. So, you need to create unique product title.

Here is an example of making unique product title:  Brand name + Model Name + Type of product etc like Apple iphone 6S 16GB.

Below are the few things to remember when writing product titles:

  • Product title less than 70 characters improves the customer’s shopping experience
  •  Avoiding unnecessary information
  • Product title should tells what the product is about and what it does.
  • Titles should not be filled with keywords, offers etc.

Error 4: Bad URL format:

            Bad URL has irrelevant information which can be problematic for your site. So, Make sure that your URLs use Keywords as it is easier for the people to get the correct products when they click the URL.

General SEO URL structure of your e-commerce site should follow the below format:

For example: If you sell iPhones online, then the category-name in the URL should be like “mobile phones” then product name should be like “iPhone SE 16GB”

So, now SEO URL structure for your e-commerce website will be like

Error 5 Not using high demand keywords:

            If you are not using the specific search keywords that are in demand, then it will be very hard to get traffic to your website. So, make sure that demand and search keywords are included in Product titles and product descriptions which helps in optimizing your product page.

For example: if you optimize a page using the keyword “iPhone”, when you are actually looking for iPhone SE, then you can refine the keyword by adding brand name, model number, color etc. like Apple iPhone SE 32GB gray.

So, to optimize your product page by:

  • Adding model numbers to title tags and H1 headings
  • Use brand names
  • Provide image alt tag information
  • Make sure the content exists on the product page itself. Don’t use iframes to display content.

Error 6: Long Load Times on The Website:

            As it is an e-commerce site, you need to upload more product videos and images which takes long time to load. So, make sure that your

  • Videos and images are optimized to reduce load times.
  • Optimize your product pages.
  • Avoid unnecessary code that may slow down the website.

Error 7: User Experience Problem:

            Good SEO focus on the user experience. If you want to improve your product sales, then your site must be usable to the customers. So, below factors help to enhance user experience:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile responsive
  • Great URL structure
  • Fast load times.

Conclusion: By avoiding these common SEO mistakes of an e-commerce site, you will improve and achieve success with your online business.

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