Latest Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

Whenever you search for “Funny videos” or “Restaurants near me”, the search engine returned millions of results for you.Latest Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

Google has taken it seriously and uses several Search Algorithms to determine where the web pages should rank first for a given keyword. Almost every day, Google changes its search algorithms that affect search results in significant ways.

SEO updates are directly proportional to Google search algorithms. So, Some of the latest Google Algorithm updates in 2018 are listed below:

Google Panda Update:

In February 2011, Google Panda was launched. This update was specific to the quality of content. This update was successful in impacting the ranking of entire sites by lowering the rank of low-quality content sites, in particular, content farms and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. Also, this update imposed a penalty on such sites.

The following are things make your site content stays Panda- friendly

  • Avoiding low-quality and duplicate content/plagiarism
  • Avoid using same keywords in multiple pages
  • Very short content pieces
  • Unique titles and meta descriptions
  • Rich media content

Google Penguin Update:

Some Websites normally utilize negative links to rank at the top in SERPs and boost theirs traffics. However, Google announced Penguin update in April 2012, to down-rank sites whose links it deems manipulative.

New SEO update in Google Penguin in 2018:

The latest one is Penguin 4.0 Update which is real-time but one of the issues Penguin targets regarding the site’s content is keyword stuffing.

  • So, Create Penguin-friendly site by avoiding jamming keywords and keyword stuffing.
  • Another main initiative of this update was Disavow Tool. With the help of this tool, we can remove spammy links which harm our site.

Google Hummingbird Update:

                        Hummingbird was introduced in September 2013 for handling long and conversational search queries accurately. It focuses on the phrase or keyword and looks deeper at content and analyzes the meaning of the content. So, make sure that the content is Informational, Navigational and Transactional.

The following are the things make your site content Hummingbird-friendly:

  • Use of Knowledge Graph to ensure better search results
  • Expand keyword search by using synonyms
  • Make your content look really theme-relevant.
  • Create different types of content for different query types

Google Pigeon Update:

            Google Pigeon revealed in July 2014 to provide more relevant results based on user’s location and other geographical factors. Unlike Penguin and Panda updates, this is not a penalty based update, but it is an essential ingredient which shows entities on a map based on the following.

  • Creating “Google My Business Page” for your local business
  • Get featured on Relevant local business directories
  • NAP(Name, Address and Phone number) Consistency

Google Pirate Update:

      This update was launched to protect Intellectual Property. Majority of the websites that made pirated content (such as music, books etc) were affected. In order to stay safe, don’t share anyone’s content without the copyright owner’s permission.

Mobile friendly Update:

      Google Mobile friendly update which is also known as Mobilegeddon is released in April 2015 to ensure that web pages optimized for mobile devices rank at the top of a mobile search. So, Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) was introduced to create mobile-friendly content and enhance the speed.

Google RankBrain Update:

                        If you are serious about SEO, you need to optimize for RankBrain. It is a machine learning algorithm that Google uses to sort the search results. It also helps Google process and understands search queries. Depending on the search keywords, RankBrain will increase or decrease the importance of backlinks, content length etc.

These are the latest updates in the SEO Updates in 2018. In order to enjoy the benefits of these valuable SEO services, Contact Us now!

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