How You Should Plan Your Social Media Content Calendar

Social media content calendar helps you to plan and schedule all your social content in advance.

How You Should Plan Your Social Media Content Calendar

In this post, you’ll walk through how to prepare your social media content calendar and what are the key aspects to be considered. Let’s get started with your journey towards – keeping your social media marketing organized.

1. Plan To Do Some Research

 Set aside time in your schedule for brainstorming about the following –

 1.     Where or on what platform are your audiences spending most of their time?

2.     On what platform you have seen your followers growing since last year?

3.     On what platform you could see more audience engagement?

4.     To what type of content are you getting more response from your audience?

5.     Are you getting enough conversions from your social media?

2. Plan To Decide On How Often To Post

 There has never been a magic formula to know your social media posting frequency. All you have to do is try different posting rates and learn what best suits you. 

 Pro Tips:

 1.     Be consistent and relevant.

2.     Don’t overdo the posting job. If you post continuously on social without having an objective, you might bore your audience.

3.     Quality always trumps quantity. So make sure that anything you post on social media is of high quality, and it adds value to your brand.

3. Plan To Make Use Of Current Events

Trending topics always come into the spotlight. So find ways to integrate current events with your products or services. Try to bring directly or indirectly the current events in your posts or your social media conversations. Admittedly, this will boost the visibility of your business.

4. Plan To Build Relationships

 Social media is the best source to interact and connect with your customers directly. Use social media to build customer relationships and improve brand loyalty.

 Points To Remember:

 1.     See what audiences are talking about your brand online.

2.     If you see your customers complaining, quickly respond to those complaints.

3.     Conduct contests and competitions on social media. Don’t forget to reward the winners.

4.     Ask for feedback and make your audience feel that their responses are important to you.

5. Plan To Keep A Check On Important Dates

 It is imperative to stay awake and post relevant on important dates. Populate your calendar with the days that are important to your audience. Whether it is a #WorldHealthDay or #WorldForestDay, mention them in your posts to improve your organic exposure.

 Follow The Tips:

 1.     Don’t be afraid to be silly at times. Take all the freedom to be casual and funny while working on your posts for special days.

2.     Don’t just wish your audience on an important day. Think out-of-the-box, create something more engaging to generate more awareness.

6. Plan To Work On The Target Keywords

 Conducting keyword research is not a one time job. You should do it now and forever.  Keep track of trending social media keywords relevant to your niche and weave them in your posts.

 Important Notes:

 1.     Keywords popularity may change from one social media channel to another. Make sure you consider this point while you research for your keywords.

2.     Hashtag strategy is a great way to present yourself in front of the right audiences. Couple your keywords with hashtags and wait for the magic to happen.

7. Plan Your Creative’s

 Planning to create visuals that catch the attention of your audience is crucial. Build a robust creative-digital strategy that can best suit your business goals and audiences. 

 Few Best Strategies:

 1.     Always use your brand logo on your visuals – ad banners, daily posts, etc.

2.     Every social media platform has its own optimized size limit for a post. Make sure you meet the criteria.

3.     Make your social media profiles visually attractive by using excellent and unique imagery.

8. Plan To Check The Performance

 Keep track of analytics of all your social media channels. Analyze your posts, followers, engagement, networks, content or images – don’t leave any data without being analyzed.

 Keep In Mind:

 1.     Choose appropriate KPIs or metrics to gauge the performance of your social media strategies.

2.     Along with tracking the performance on social media channels, also keep an eye on your team’s productivity.

Wrapping Up:

Planning everything in advance provides you the freedom to figure out what to do and what not to do on social media without rushing. So, get ready to prepare your social media calendar with no further ado. All the best!

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