How to understand your target audience to optimize social media

Knowing your audience is the skeleton to optimize your social media channels.  

How to understand your target audience to optimize social media

If you want your message to resonate with the right community on social media, you need to have a strong understanding of your audience. Deriving marketing tactics according to your audience is a smart move.

We ’ve outlined a simple step-by-step process you can follow to help you optimize your social channels and best reach your potential customers. Let’s get started – 3 ways to learn and tap into your target audiences –

1. Demographics

Attract individuals who have a strong attraction for your brand or your products. If you are a women clothing retailer, there is no point in marketing your product to the men’s category. So, targeting your audience based on their demographics – as in – being gender-specific, age-specific or anything else, saves you a lot of time and money.

Pro Tips:

  1. Gather demographic insights from social media tools like Twitter Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights Tool, etc.
  2. Use Google Analytics Tool. Understand the demographics of the people who are visiting your website and apply your learning to optimize your social media marketing.
  3. Sometimes available data from various analytics tools allow you to see only a blurry picture of what you are looking. So, conduct surveys to ask your audience and to build a better understanding of your target audience demographics.

2. Audience Size

Different social networks have different audiences. Discover where your target audiences are present and spending most of their time. If a social media channel “A” has a lot of your target audience, then market your product mostly on the same platform. When you spend your social media marketing efforts on attracting huge target audience segments, you can see better results.

Pro Tips:

  1. See if the potential target audience for your product or service is present on a social media channel  – large enough for you to target them through social ads.
  2. Check what content formats and social channels have worked for your competitors and with which they were able to grab huge followers.

3. Behavior

Who is your target audience on social media? Now, the answer to this question could be quite easy and comfortable. However, if we ask – “how much you know your audience’s mindsets?” – this is where the trouble begins. Learning the behaviors of your audience can stoke the fire in terms of knowing your audience better. By conducting behavioral analysis, you can learn new dimensions about your brand, target your audience more effectively and build strong social media relations.

Pro Tips:

  1. Run some marketing campaigns to see how your customers respond.
  2. Analyze your target audience’s share and follow behaviors.
  3. Understand what is driving your target audience to make buying decisions.
  4. Customize your ads, tone of your marketing messages and deliver according to your audience mentalities.

Wrapping Up

Knowing to whom, when and on which social platform to market your product or service is the key to see success in your marketing efforts on social media. An excellently executed social media strategy can improve your brand popularity, drive more website traffic and increase conversion rates.

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