How To Do SEO For New Websites

Once we have launched new website, we look forward to promote website using various SEO techniques. In this post, we are going to guide you about

How To Do SEO For New Websites

“How to do SEO for new website. Before we get started, let’s answer “What are Search engines looking for?”

There are some important elements that Search Engines look at

  • Content
  • Performance and loading time
  • Authoritative sites
  • User experience

In Order to make your website SEO friendly, you need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Choose the best possible domain name for your website: Good domain name can generate traffic to your Website and build your reputation. That will result in more customers and better sales.

Step 2: Research Proper Keywords: Keyword research is the first and most important thing to do SEO for new website. Improve SEO of your new website with some proper keyword research. For Example:  If you’re launching a website for a “shoe” Shop. You sell a variety of shoes for men and women, from leather shoes and boots to sports shoes. So, with the homepage targeting the main keyword (“Men’s shoes” or “Shoes for Women”) and subpages for each secondary keyword will be as below.

Research proper keywords

You can use some Keyword suggestion tools like:

Free keyword tool WordStream

keyword tool word stream

Here in the above picture, you will find different suggestions for the keyword “Cars”.

Uber Suggest tool:

uber suggest

When you are writing a page content, then you need to add keywords for H2 and H3 tags on your page. Use relevant keywords to optimize a web page. Also follow below steps

  • Try to write content by adding relevant keywords without “stuffing” them into the content.
  • Use the H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags to mention primary and secondary keywords, as well as long tail keyword variations you’d like to rank for.
  • Don’t just write for writing’s sake. Also try to answer questions your users might have and solve their problems in your on-page content.

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Step 3: Maintain Quality Content: Do you know how websites achieve top rankings? By adding high quality content, you can educate and attract users by maintaining blogs, Ebooks, White papers, Videos, Pictures etc. When you are writing content, pay attention to Titles, Keywords, Topics, Quality and freshness. You can see our post on “What Really matters in SEO content” to get better knowledge.

Refer these link  :  What Really matters in SEO Content

Step 4: Improve Snippets and URL structure:

Implement rich snippet in order to optimize your web page and rank higher in search engines. SEO friendly URL structure is another important element to optimize your website. You can search What are Rich Snippets? How to get them?

Refer these link : What Are The Rich Snippets

Step 5: Off page SEO: When compared to other site, Off-page SEO will evaluate how authoritative is your website?  The most important off-page SEO factor is:

Link building: Links can be backlinks, outbound links which are connect to sites directly or indirectly. So the easiest way to get organic traffic is creating unique and shareable content, guest blogging.

  • Create purposeful and unique content
  • Share your content through Social media.

Step 6: Monitoring Your Results:

Last but not the least, there are three most important tools you can use to monitor your results are the following.

  • Authority Labs – Use this tool to track keyword rankings for your website.
  • Google Analytics – Use Google Analytics to learn more about the visitors to your website and monitor your organic search traffic sources to see what keywords people are using to find your website in search results.
  • DataForSEO – Use this tool to get SEO data where you can track keywords rankings, SERP results and more.

There are many valuable SEO tools out there, but these are the best ones to start with to help you learn more about SEO techniques.

Try the above steps mentioned in this post and get more organic traffic for your website. Also if it is anything else that we haven’t covered here? If so, share it in the comments below!

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