How To Become Website Spam In Google

What do you mean by a spam?

Spam is an electronic junk mail. When you do something on your website against Google rules, your website become spam i.e.,

How to become website spam in google

  1. Your web pages are malicious and deceptive.
  2. Malicious web pages steal private information. These pages are spam.
  3. If a web page is designed to deceive users, Google will mark it as spam.

Spam pages do not get high rankings on Google. Spam page contains

  • Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is one of the top point which breaks the rules of Google because Google doesn’t like duplicate content, a spam page contains duplicate content, where Spammers don’t care about creating quality content. Spammy sites will often consist of duplicate or irrelevant content.

  • Fake Information:

Spammers attracts users by stuffing their sites with advertisements. Google want real and relevant information for its customers but when someone write unique content but fake information may cause spamming your website.

  • Low quality inbound links:

Inbound links are one of the most important factors for improving a website’s online search presence. Creating high-quality content that naturally enhance other websites to link back to it. If you do not get many backlinks for your website, results that you have not good quality content which will hurt your website worth in Google.

  • When a Website is not updated:

As a marketer, keeping an updated website is very important. When your articles are fixed on Google always ignore this website because of not updating new in it. So, attract users with latest news, and articles.

  • Over-Optimization:

The repetitive use of keywords in content, referred to as over-optimization. So, do not put keywords in the content, only write the content which is informative.

What happens if a Website listed in Google Spam Box?

There are many disadvantages when any website listed in Google spam box:

  1. Your website will not be indexed in google.
  2. All articles and blogs be waste and also backlinks be zero.

Solutions to Avoid Spam:

  • Create unique content.
  • Provide Real information
  • Always update your website with latest blogs and articles.
  • Maintain few relevant backlinks
  • Don’t put keywords in your content only write informative content.
  • Always check your traffic metrics.

The following are some of the spam list:

Spam pages do not get high rankings on Google. So avoid spam and make sure that your web pages contain all of the elements that Google requires.

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