How Mobile App Works and How To Test Mobile App?

Everyone has Mobile Application these days, because Mobile apps are free and easy to download.How Mobile App Works and How To Test Mobile App?

We probably use mobile app to play games, get information about latest news, books, weather, and more.

What are mobile apps and how does a mobile app work on mobile devices?

Mobile Apps are built to run on certain types of devices. Not all apps work on all mobile devices. Apple, Android, Microsoft, Amazon, and BlackBerry mobile operating systems have app stores online where you can download, and install apps.

Let us take an example of “Find my friends” app which is made for iPhone. This mobile application is not supported on Android device, because this application is made for only Apple products.

It is fine, but how to download a mobile app on mobile phones?

Data plan and Wi-Fi are the two ways where you can easily download and install mobile apps on your devices.

How to test a mobile app?

One of the most common elements in mobile app development is to ensure customer expectations and business objectives through a mobile app testing strategy.

Some of the standard requirements that mobile apps need to be tested.

  • Mobile device fragmentation:

Mobile applications can be built on different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc. So, device fragmentation can be difficult for developers to ensure the app works correctly with the various versions of a specific Operating System. It is also challenging for testers because different operating versions have different capabilities, which make difficult to manage. So, Testers make sure that the compatibility of the app with multiple operating systems is working efficiently.

  • Usability:

The screen of mobile devices is small. It is very difficult to display the necessary information. So, when testing a mobile app it is very important to make sure that all texts are readable and possible to fit the screen.

  • Network Connection:

Majority of mobile applications depend on network connectivity to work properly. So, testing mobile applications in actual network environment shows the behaviour of an application.

  • Manual testing Vs. Automation testing:

Application tests can be manual or automated. In Manual testing approach, the app usability and performance gets tested. With Automation testing approach, application compatibility with latest operating systems become very easy. So, always use both testings because you cannot test comprehensively with just one testing method.

  • Battery life:

We are running many mobile applications every day. This results mobile batteries tend to dry. When testing mobile apps, testers make sure that the power consumption is kept the minimum.

This is how mobile apps work across different mobile devices and its testing strategy. That’s all Folks! We will update you more about mobile applications in the upcoming articles.

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