How Google Algorithms Impact On Business Website

How Google Algorithms impact on Website

Google occasionally releases updates to their algorithm. These updates impact your website rankings.

These updates impact your website ranking by moving your ranking lower if your site is not doing what Google wants or it may not considered user friendly. However, if you are following Google’s direction these updates will improve your web page rankings in search results.

In this post, we are going to discuss about Google algorithm updates and how they impact search results?

Let us have a look!!

Google’s Panda Update:

The purpose of Panda update is to eliminate “low quality” content or “spammy” content trying to rank in the search engines.

How does this update will affect your website?

Publishing poor content will always lower the website ranking. So, we should always keep in mind that users want real, useful and quality content that you publish.

So to resolve Panda hazard,

  • Avoid low-quality content
  • Use unique titles and Meta descriptions.

The Panda update has affected some websites like Mahalo, Wisegeek and a lot of other websites because of low quality content.

Google’s Penguin Update:

             The purpose of Penguin update is to penalize and prevent link spamming.

So, will the Penguin update affect your rankings? Obviously only positively because of some common Penguin Hazards, such as:

  • Irrelevant links from spammy websites
  • Paid links
  • Keyword over-optimization
  • Duplicate content

To resolve Penguin Penalties:

  • Remove harmful links
  • Focus on Quality content
  • Avoid utilizing more keywords
  • Expand your link building.

Google’s Hummingbird Update:

            Unlike Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, Hummingbird update is a completely new one. Both Panda and Penguin functioned as search filtering updates by punishing websites that ranked based on content quality, keywords stuffing and link spamming.

But, Hummingbird Update was introduced for conversational search query. Means it focus on the meaning behind the phrases or keywords.

How does this update will affect your website?

A traditional search engine might focus on finding the matches for keywords or words. But, Conversational Search focus on the meaning of the search query and find the better search results.

To make your site Hummingbird-friendly:

  • Use Knowledge Graph
  • Use Long-tail keywords
  • Use of “6W’s questions and “How to” content.

Google’s Pigeon Update:

            The purpose of this Update is to provide more useful and accurate local search results.

How does this update will affect your website?

This update primarily affects websites that want to rank highly for local searches, for example if you’re is searching for “Italian food in Hyderabad”. It displays all the hotels and Restaurants who are providing services for Italian food in Hyderabad. As a result of this update, it shows shows entities on map based on the following.

  • Relevant local business
  • NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) of the considered business.

Google’s Pirate Update:

            The purpose of this Update is to prevent sites with many copyright infringement reports from ranking highly.

Will Google’s Pirate Update will affect your site ranking? Yes! If your website is made with pirated content like books, music etc, then your site is affected.

So, don’t grab anyone’s content without copyright owner’s permission.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update:

            The purpose of this update is to provide high search results on mobile devices without affecting desktop searches.

How does this update will affect your website?

If your website is not mobile friendly, i.e., if the website page text is too small to read or links are too close together, then this update will affect your site ranking.

All Google’s algorithm updates focus on quality and user intention. If your website use “White-Hat” SEO techniques, then your website have not been negatively affected by any of these Google’s algorithm updates. However, if your website use “Black-hat” SEO methods then you will find significant drop in your site ranking and traffic.

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