History Of Software Development

How do you use software

How do you use software

Software Development  Once the software is installed on the device hardware, the program can be used. In a Windows  OS (operating system) computers, a program icon is added to the home screen.

How is software created and how does it work?

A coder writes the commands using a programming language that state the software how to works and what to do once the coder has been done, it is anthologized into a language, that is only read by device/computer.

Some history related to software.

Thousands of software that have helped to forge history with the Software sector run on to grow, we think there are lots of history to be made.

The history of Software Development

History of Software Development

  • 1822- The first computer invented by Charles Babbage, an English mathematician.
  • 1911- IBM founded (manufactured the computer scale 1855, the dial recorder 1888 the tabulating machine 1889 and a clock that punched employee timesheet 1889
  • 1939- The first digital computer.
  • 1943- Colossus computer created to crack the German code in world war II.
    The first digital computer was the Colossus, Colossus is developed by British to help crack encrypted German telegraphs.
  • 1955- CUC founded
    CUC (computer usage company) was the first company to sell software aside from computer hardware.
  • 1971- First microprocessor
  • 1972- SAP founded
  • 1975- Microsoft founded
  • 1976- Release of apple I computer
  • 1977- Oracle develop
  • 1978- First accounting software
  • 1979- First spreadsheet software
  • 1989- Microsoft office released
  • 1991- Linux released
  • 1993- First web browser
  • 1994- Quick book launched
  • 1999- Saleforce.com launched
  • 2006- Google Application for business launched
  • 2007- Apple iPhone launched
  • 2007- Rise of Big Data


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