Guidelines To Marketing Mobile Apps

Today, Many people are using smartphones because, Mobile apps are attracting users on a big scale.

Guidelines to Mobile App Marketing

We have many categories of mobiles applications like Social, entertainment, gaming, utility etc to grab the attention of smartphone users. Because, a mobile application is a channel by which you can easily interact with your customers. So, Do you know how to promote your mobile application? If not Find the creative ways of mobile app promotion to make your app stand out:

  1. Choose the right category: There are many categories of Mobile apps in app stores like Social category (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) lifestyle category( Recices, horoscope etc). So, understand the pros and cons of each category and choose the most relevant category for your app to drive its success.
  2. Choose good title: The title name can make or break a mobile app. The mobile app name must be unique and memorable.
  3. Determine right icon: Once you decided the title of your mobile application, you need to determine the icon for your mobile application. Create eye-catching icon and make sure that your mobile app icon determines the overall purpose of your mobile app.
  4. Catchy and informative description: The title and the description of the mobile app is very important. So, write creative description and tell the purpose of your mobile app.

Example: SHAREit – Transfer and share. Messenger- text and video chat for free.

  1. Include screenshots: Once a visitor is at your app’s page, Screenshots are very essential to turn your visitors into users. So, make sure that your screenshots are informative and exciting. Also make sure that your screenshots should explain exactly what your app does and how easy to use your app.
  2. App Store optimization: Keywords are very important to market an app successfully. Just like Search Engine Optimization, App Store optimization focuses on keywords and keyword phrases.

Example: If you want your mobile app to show up on Google play store or Apple store that you want to rank for in the app title. Assume that “keyword” is “Flight booking” then your app title should be like “Quick flight booking”, “Cheap airline tickets booking” etc.

  1. Use right technology: Use powerful technology to market your app.

For example: use Quick Response (QR Codes), sms alerts or push notifications to notify user about your app post or update.

  1. Ask for feedback: The best way to promote your mobile app successful is asking feedback from users. The more reviews you get directly from customers, the better off your app will be.
  2. Update Constantly: Always keep your app content fresh and unique. An app that is invisible to users can never get popular. Use some special offers, new versions to get more downloads.
  3. Make your app socialize: App advertising through social media helps you to reach target audience instantly. Particularly Facebook, can easily helps in promoting your new app. By Having a good promo video of your app can easily promote your application.

Example: Spendee, a money tracking app creates a promo video of app which shows how can you take care of your finances.

So, What is your secret app promotion weapon? Please comment that at length in the comment section.

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