Get Website Traffic With Google AdWords

You probably know that Google Ads are useful for driving people to your website.

Get Traffic With AdWords

But, do you know that online ads can help you in bringing more customers at your doorstep too? Recent study found that  nearly 60% of people who searched online for local business, have visited a store within a day. This means, customers are still moving to local retail stores because they face some problems with online shopping like:

  • Shipping costs
  • Product delivery time
  • They cannot physically inspect and examine products.
  • Entering personal information online

So, to avoid these problems customers are searching “online” and they are making purchase “offline”. Google Adwords has released new features that can help increase traffic to your store or business.

  1. Adding your store address with local extension: Generally customers search online for a store that they want to visit it. So, make sure that people can find your store in the right place. You can help these customers by including geographical location of your store in the ad.
  2. Use Promotional ad extension: You do not need to create complex marketing campaigns to increase your sales. Just create promotional extensions with promotional feeds like special offers to increase local traffic.For Example: look at the below example Reebok J15606 White Running Shoes the product is listing with price tag and “special offer” like 70% price drop.
  3. Use message extension: Message extension helps in responding to audience that prefer the mode of messaging or calling. Providing instant communication helps you to
  • Connect with customers to provide more information
  • Quicker and spontaneous response
  • Increase local foot traffic
  1. Optimize your ads campaign: Usually Google ads campaigns are often used to organize the categories of products or services that you offer.

Important factors in ads campaign?

Google AdWord campaign consists of one or more ad groups(ads, keywords and bids) that share budget and location targeting. Once a Google Adwords campaign is live, then there are 2 elements that must be continually monitored and improved.

  • Ad targeting: If your ads are not targeting your ideal customers, then your campaign doesn’t have optimized. So, in order to optimize your campaign, then include factors like keywords, geo-targeting ads for specific location etc.
  • Landing pages: Once the customer click on your ad, then it should turn up to your landing page to convert customer into a lead or sale.
  • Local inventory ads: By using Google local inventory ads, customers can easily identify products or services available in stores near them. Customers can view the information like:
  • Store hours
  • Directions
  • Promotions

For instance, if you search like “Restaurants near me”, then a list will be displayed. When you click on the results displayed, you will find timings, address, directions and distance, reviews of Restaurants.

I think these are the main elements of Google AdWords Hacks To Drive More Local Foot Traffic.




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