Common Websitesite Design & Web Development Issues

Responsive website design is not only about stunning images, attractive layouts

Common Website Design Issues
and beautiful templates but, it is to provide users with a uniform user interface.
Although it’s nice to have a good looking website, the most important thing to consider is accessibility and the user experience. If you are going to design a web page, there is a lot of stuff you need to think because; Website design has a lot of constraints especially the size, shape, colour and resolution capabilities of the viewing system.

Here are some common issues i.e., URL structures and Browser issues that designers faced during website design and development.

Most common mistakes in website design are:

Simplicity: Users visit your website to find some specific piece of information. So, it is very important to understand how users use your website and what they are looking for. In web design, don’t use too many colours, fancy fonts that are unreadable. Make the web design simple and easy to understand.

Visual Experience: Visual Experience involves in arranging and organizing website elements like adjusting the position of video/image, size etc. so that visitors will gravitate your website easily.

Navigation & Consistency: Good navigation and relevant links play a vital role in website design & development. Users becoming more comfortable in using a “search” function to find information. So, consistent navigation and relevant URL provides the best user experience for your website.

Utilizing too many Technologies: People navigate websites depending on their needs and preferences. Using too many libraries and functions of technologies like HTML frames, JavaScript, Flash and Ajax increase the load time of your website. This leads to the customer leaving a site. If you are using these technologies, consider the potential risks for optimizing your website.

Content Legibility issues: Web content can be a text/image/video/animation that helps readers gain access to more information. So, make the content scannable. Avoid displaying too much content at once. Also the position of the content on the website is more important during website design and development.

Screen Resolutions: Today, people used to browse your website on their Tablet’s and Mobiles. If you design website for a higher resolution, some low-resolution screens like mobile phones and tablets may not be able to display all the content. So, it is better to consider how your website will be appeared and accessed from mobile devices and start designing for the mobile devices.

URL Structures: A simple URL ensures better performance and more user-friendly. So, avoid complex URL structures and make easy for the reader to recognize the content of your web page.

Dismissing Touch: This is a very basic feature of usability. If you are making website design for mobile phones, make sure that the links on the mobile phones are simpler and bigger on touch easier.

Browser issues: Web pages display across different browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. When building your website, test the web pages in to many browsers and operating systems in order to check that they display properly.

Principles in Web Designing:

There are certain web design principles which includes

  • Avoid outside links
  • Create a balanced layout
  • Do not use tiny fonts
  • Make the content scannable


Good web designer will understand the browser limitations and provide a consistent website.

We consider all these points more when designing and developing a website. So, why not contact us at Adhishta InfoTech to start your own user-friendly web project.


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