Best Books On Website Performance & Page Speed Optimization

The Internet has tons of resources to get started but nothing can beat the printed word.

Best Books Of Website Performance

Here we’ve listed out some books through which you can easily learn website optimization and improve your website performance.

Best Books to improve Website Performance & Page Speed Optimization:

  1. Website optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets:

This is a practical book on website performance by the author Andrew King. This book describes precisely about tips, techniques, standards and methods of website optimization where author talks about SEO, PPC optimization and how to strengthen conversion to sales methods.

  1. High Performance Websites:

            High Performance Websites by Steve Souders was released in 2007 which is worth to read. This book contains about 170 pages with 14 specific rules that you can use to improve the speed of any website. The rules that are specified in this book explains about how to optimize the performance of the Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and images that are already built into the website. If you’re building pages for high traffic destinations and want to optimize the experience of users visiting your site, this book is indispensable.

  1. Even Faster Websites:

In Even Faster Websites book, the author provides valuable techniques to help you optimize your website’s performance. The book contains the best practices and pragmatic advice for improving your site’s performance in JavaScript, Network and Browser.

  1. Designing for Performance: Weighing Aesthetics and Speed:

            In Designing for Performance book, author Lara Hogan explains about techniques for optimizing and loading images and How to clean up HTML and CSS, and optimize web fonts. Also you will learn about how to edit images properly in Photoshop with the similar quality.

 Web Caching: Reducing Network Traffic:

This book contains information about web caching, intellectual property, and security issues. It also describes all the technical information you need to design, deploy, and operate an effective web caching service.

  1. Professional website Performance: Optimizing both front end and back end.

This book provides the information for creating and maintaining high performance websites on both front end and back end. Also it explains how to configure frontend performance related to the web browser and how to speed up communication between browser and server.

  1. High Performance Browser Networking:

A book High Performance Browser Networking by author Ilya Grigorik provides information about what every web developer should know about the networks, protocols, and APIs provided by the browser to deliver the best user experience.

Also there are some more books like “Web Performance Daybook Vol2”, “Getting Started with Varnish Cache” for website performance & Page Speed Optimization. If you find this post is useful, then please do share it with your friends.

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