7 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Your Content

There are a few common mistakes that most digital marketers make while working with content.

There is no way you could possibly commit such mistakes even if they are tiny ones

Few marketers simply churn out a few blog posts, hoping to the rest of their lives that it will work while others cater their content to the wrong audiences. There is no way you could possibly commit such mistakes even if they are tiny ones. If you are not keen on your content  marketing strategies, then you can’t capture the largest share of the customer pie. Let’s see – 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Your Content.

1. Improper Channel Planning

Connecting to your audience through your content is essential; because you want to create a cohesive brand conversation. But “where you have to target your audience?” is the challenge of the game. There are many marketing channels out there.  Be it social media, traditional PR or offline media – the right selection of the channel to deliver your content is your key to success. Map the channel that holds a larger volume of your target audience and tell your story. If you choose the wrong channel and deliver your content, you probably end up spending chunks of money on marketing campaigns which get you zero or unwanted results.

2. Not blending SEO With Content Marketing Strategies

Be it website copy, blog posts or guest posting, the content you create should be search engine optimized. Write useful content that’s interesting, persuasive and well-optimized with keywords to make search engines find you relevant. Google determines the  appropriateness of your page by analyzing the content. If you’re not creating your content in SEO point of view, you will be creating content like many of your competitors, with low probabilities of standing out from the crowd.


Steps to creating useful content:


  1. Search for relevant keywords and include them in your content.
  2. Make your content easy to understand buy organizing it. Use headings, infographics, bullet points, subheads, and italics to highlight relevant information.
  3. A good SEO content involves the use of eye-catching images, infographics, etc. Content with good imagery is more likely to be shared and liked when compared to the content which doesn’t have such an element.

3. Not Inspiring Your Audience

Are you not inspiring your audience with your content?  Then your audience can’t build an emotional connection with you. While you create content, it shouldn’t always be about selling your product. Your goal is to teach your audience how important you are in the market. The focus of content marketing is to inspire your audiences first and then sell. Have a concrete plan for creating content with relevant stories. Creating content that’s memorable and inspirational can lead your audiences to take action.

4. Not Delivering To Your Audience Needs

It’s critical for you to produce and distribute valuable content that aligns with the purchasing behavior of your target audience. Understanding the mindsets of your audience and delivering your content accordingly is the best way to make them remember you. If your content doesn’t cater to your audience’s’ needs, that’s your end in the market. Be fresh, be fascinating, be resonating while communicating with your audience. Modify your content for different audiences to see the best results.

5. Being Non-consistent

The more consistent you are, the better your content will be of high quality. Be regular and deliver unvarying content across every platform. You are not leveraging all the opportunities to connect with your audience if you are not consistent with your message.

6. Going With A Wrong Tone

Developing your company’s voice and tone is equally important. Going with the wrong tone of your brand can bring no conversions at all or sometimes it might also lead to frustrated responses from your audience. Your brand voice and tone need to continually evolve to meet the needs of your diverse customer base. Create your content with a tone that is best based on the listener’s emotional state and expectations. Reflect your core values through the right tone. Types of tones that you can experiment with:


  1. Authoritative
  2. Conversational
  3. Friendly
  4. Instructive

7. Not Tracking The Results

There’s no point of delivering content across multiple platforms if you don’t know what type of engagement you’re getting back. It is vital to understand audiences reactions towards your content. Based on which you can set your content strategy for the future. By tracking the critical social media metrics — including likes, comments, retweets, shares, repins — you will know how are you doing with your audience.

Final Thoughts

How you communicate your content depends on the structure and culture of your organization. Understanding your business is definitely your first step to start building your content strategies. If you are struggling with getting a grip of your content marketing initiatives then definitely you have fallen into some of the pitfalls that are mentioned above. Check for yourself where you have gone wrong and come out with a new version of your content. Success is definitely yours!

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